Team Request Female Game Designer/Coder wanted for inspirational speaking engagement at High School



We ( run courses for high school students in coding and tech. One such course is in GameMaker2. This term we have been developing a basic 2D Platformer and next term we will be enhancing it through the students' creativity and imagination.

As we are running this with a girls school - Kambala girls in Rose Bay, Sydney, we are looking for a female game developer/designer who would like to take part in our course (probably over Zoom) next term. Your task would be to inspire the girls by helping them understand what it takes to be a female game designer/developer in 2021. We want a realistic picture - the highs & lows and everything in between.

Your audience will be high schoolers from year 7 - 11 so a fairly wide range. We have one or two who actually aspire to be game designers!

Bridging the gap between school and industry is so important these days and you would be making a massive contribution to the education of the students by imparting your own knowledge and experience.

In return we will pay you for your time or work something out!

Looking forward to hearing from you amazing coders out there!