Beta .:FEEDBACK BETA:. - Pong Tournament



Hello People, I'm creating my second game, before this project I was creating a very ambicious game, after some months, I noticed that do a small game, but with all I know to do in Game Maker was a better idea.

So here is: PONG TOURNAMENT (yes, more one pong game...)


I would like to know what you think of the game and what I can arrange, in this beta some bugs are present and many features are unavailable.

-W,A,S & D for player 1
-Arrows for player 2
-Enter for pause
-Space for special abilities (like the glue power up)

OBS: you can spin your racket by using A-D/Left-Right


The Final Game will have 3 more modes and lots of arenas, balls and rackets to choose. :D

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