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Hello, I've bought GameMaker Studio 2 recently and I wanted to create dynamic water on my MacBook, but water is not displayed at all. So I've bought a Foxey Platform Engine on the Marketplace and I can now confirm that with the same code and newest GameMaker version it's working properly on Windows PC but not on macOS.

Should I report it as a bug? What might be wrong? I think that camera shake is broken as well.

11.2.3 macOS Big Sur running on MacBook Pro Retina Mid 2014
GameMaker IDE v2.3.2.558
Runtime v2.3.2.423
Snímek obrazovky 2021-04-15 v 15.58.51.png

GameMaker IDE v2.3.2.558
Runtime v2.3.2.423


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If the same thing is working on one platform but not on the other, then yes, I would file a bug. Most features should be cross platform compatible (the black-sheep of the family is the HTML5 export which may show differences, but that is the nature of converting to HTML5/JS). Certainly PC/Mac should be 100% the same and if it's not then it would suggest a bug.