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Discussion Feature request: [Reload Source Image] and [Auto Insert Spaces]




I'd like to see two following features included in the GameMaker2

Reload Source Image(s) button for a sprite(s)
This button will import the same image used in current sprite using its last import settings was it a usual Import, Import Images or Import Strip Image.

I don't like that if I slightly change the tone of the picture or move a part of the image in the frame I have to go frough the same process of reimporting the image(s) and defining import settings. It could take lots of tries and errors to get that perfect look and feel for the game so this button will speed up the process.

Auto insert spaces after typing ";" sign or pressing Enter at the end of a line
This feature will make code more readable. When user types ";" or presses Enter in the end of a line of code it would turn from this:
var new_x= x*multiplier -round(adjustment /2)
into something like this:
var new_x = x * multiplier - round(adjustment / 2)
I know that a perfect programmer will write a beautiful code but I think that some people here (including me) use GM for fast prototyping, where a working game is more important than a clean code.

Please tell me if you'd like to see these features in the GameMaker2 too.