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Discussion Feature Request: GMS2 Documentation App



With GMS1.x, one of my favorite pass times to do on my phone was peruse the documentation via the browser. However, even better would have been an app for easier navigation and reading. Now that GMS2 is out, and it seems the documentation is tied to the IDE (unless someone can show me the documentation online for my phone, that would be great!) I would like to formally request for a GMS2 Documentation App from YoYo Games. I don't know if this is the proper channel but if it isn't can someone please point me in the right direction.

I hope I'm not alone in the community in thinking this would be a useful feature to have for those of us who don't have photographic memories and like to keep fresh in our down time away from our computers.

Either way, GMS2 is a great product and I look forward to it getting even better.

Thanks to all involved .


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(unless someone can show me the documentation online for my phone, that would be great!)

If the situation permits to install Firefox browser on the phone, you could get the "Stylish" extension, and write a userstyle to make the manual more fitting to read on the phone (padding the menu to the left so that it shows only after swipe, perhaps changing colors). I've recently used the approach to move TweetDeck's menu to the top of the screen, making the web app fairly usable on the phone.