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 Feature request. Asset notes

Hey, i have been using Game Maker Studio 2 for clients and one thing when working with them that i find challenging is knowing where all the assets go and what they're for. I would love to see a feature to add small notes to assets (Graphics, Sounds, Scripts. Etc) that would be useful for teams to communicate what everything does. I'd like this feature to be IDE only and not compile with the final game.

It would be a great help to hover over or click on an asset and see what the client wants to do with it as some assets for example particle sprites or attack assets can be confusing when alot is added all at once. Nothing special would be needed in the notes section just a few words of space as a string. For example "Fireball attack for the demon enemy", or "s_torch_off changes to s_torch_lit when interacted with". That sort of thing. Thanks


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Yeh this would be a great addition, especially if it was also searchable. At the moment I keep a whole sound note asset which has all my sounds listed. It has the in game file name next to the associated windows filename, as they are different, so I can note where I got that sound from. Being able to add it to the asset directly would be handy.


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That doesn't sound like a bad feature at all to me. The best workaround you have right now is to document well, name things well, organize the assets well in the resource tree folders(instead of keeping things the old way, like all sprites in the same top-level folder), and finally, at the least for code you can comment things at the top. But indeed, most certainly, a little section for a quick comment even if it had a limited character count to like 256 chars or something would be nice.


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While I don't generally work in a team, I do think this has a lot of merit for those that do. I LOVE the comment options in apps like Word as it's a great way for getting feedback and leaving notes for people. Not sure I've seen such a feature in other gamedev software either... So it would be a cool original feature GameMaker.


Notes are always a good thing! Even as a single developer, you might return to something a week later and think "What this was used for again?"
Anything that is important, and can be forgotten should be written down somewhere.
At the moment, you can use the Notes editor for this. Name the note with a suffix (e.g. spr_player_NOTE), then it will show up next to the said resource when navigating with Ctrl+T.
After all this time using GMS2 i only just saw the notes asset type but to me they are good for overall notes but not resource specific. I also very rarely use the resource search. Usually because i forget what i called it. Built in to the asset editors would be very much preferable to adding more resources to a sometimes already very full asset browser