Discussion Favorite RTS games?


Total Annihilation was another awesome one. This was probably the first RTS I played come to think of it.

T:A was one of my all-time favourites, but I lost the name for about ten years until randomly "Big Bertha" came to mind and whoosh.

The new one's nice I guess, but just can't capture that sharp 2.5d magic

Also for others Settlers, the Civ series, and Warcraft III hit pretty hard


We used to play TA on local LAN at a friends place. Usually 4v4.

As soon as we heard Krogoth was loose in the map, the rest of us would crap our pants.


My favourite rts of all time has to be warlords battlecry3,I just loved the sheer amount of variety when it came to all the classes when i was a kid.
although it was extremely ubalanced when it came to certain range units, progressing the story map was awsome,specially when you managed to find a dragon.


Not sure if it counts as "RTS" but I really like Knights of Honor for some reason.

I've only played WC 1 & 2


i just played c&q red alert, and age of empires series, also stronghold crusare 1 by firefly, which is my favorite and play on network mode all the day, and still keep playing on game ranger but sometimes


Zero-K is pretty good, if a bit obscure, with a relatively small community.

Another TA derived game, like Supcom or Planetary Annihilation. It's got a wide variety of units, though some can be quite gimmicky. It does away with tiers and factions in favour of a more resource-centric progression and differentiation system. It's got a decent AI, and they're working on an improved version of it that will be released at some point. The interface is quite powerful, giving you a lot of options for how you select, control, or build your units. Unfortunately, it does a pretty poor job of actually teaching the player about these options, so using the documentation and help from the community are important. The combat is focused on counters, with unit composition and positioning playing a much bigger role than raw numbers. There's also a terraforming mechanic that adds another layer to it, though it's best used sparingly. The campaign is a slog, though, as the game is very multilayer focused.

Overall, it's a fun game with a lot of depth and consistent updates, and I highly recommend it.


My favorite is Company of Heroes with the Eastern Front mod.
I also have & love
Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds: Clone Campaigns
Star Wars Empire at War
Army Men RTS
Age of Empires 2
I grew up with C&C, but I don't have any of them anymore.
I would say Age of Empires has to be my favorite. I played a of galactic battlegrounds as well. I don't know if it counts but I always enjoyed lords of the realm 2. I am more of a Civ guy these days but wish it was somehow more multiplayer friendly in that the games didn't take forever. Especially when someone goes to war.


Me and my brother loved RTS games. We got into Rome: Total war and various others like Empire Earth, Age of Mythology, Cesar III, Starcraft 2 and Warcraft 3.

But the one that's always stuck with me - that I still occasionally play to this day - was Rise of Legends. I loved the variety if every map and faction and the unique play-styles and megastructures they had - especially Vinci's King Leviathan.

You want a map with a massive crack in the middle and unique enemies? Covered. A map with a giant cannon at the centre that you can defend and use to attack your enemies? Got you covered too.

...if only they didn't start making mobile games...