Favorite Era of Console Graphics


I really like the cruddy look of old ps1 3d games (the 2d games are beautiful). I also like the look of old school arcade games from the early 80s like Joust, Robotron, and Rampage.

What about you guys?


The "Silicon Graphic's Ultra 64" (Edit: or SGI INDY?) Era ... It has scarred me for life (in a positive way). But it wouldn't be my preferred graphics style for my own project, haha.
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I have to admit myself I am more of an 8 bit, 16 bit, Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, Gamecube, PS2 guy. The games that were invented during that time were actually fun and had game play to them. Yes an actual story were you had to figure everything out on your own. This included the many cheats / secrets all while combating those evil villainous creatures! In short, I don't think graphics really are the issue to any game. Unless it's so bad you can't tell what you are looking at. It's all about game play.


PS2, Nintendo 64, game boy advance, Nintendo ds, 32 bit, occasionally 16 bit.
I love everything from the SNES up to the PS2. PS3 and 360 looked like trash to me. Wii and Wii U look great if we're talking about Nintendo games. Switch looks great in general so far, I think. PS4 and Xbox One look much better than the 360 and PS3 did, but both are still mostly flavorless to me.

Each era of gaming had completely different atmospheres and charms to them up until the PS2, I think. With newer graphics getting closer and closer to photorealism, I think that's mostly over now, which is really sad to me. I loved seeing artists work with a console's strengths and quirks, but nowadays there's so much horsepower to go around that a lot of games look the same. The widespread use of engines like Unreal and Unity aren't helping matters either, obviously. A real shame, I think.
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I honestly liked the 1st MADDEN on Sega GENESIS...more than the complicated MADDENS they make today.