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Steam Fatty Rabbit Hole - out on Steam, now with demo!


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After many, many years of fiddling with GameMaker, I've finally released something on Steam! Ladies and gentlemen, I give you:

Fatty Rabbit Hole!

In Fatty Rabbit Hole, you play as Keefe the rabbit, who is falling down an endless hole - and who has an endless appetite for junk food! Try to eat all the junk food you can while avoiding deadly obstacles, dastardly characters, and of course, healthy food.


  • 12 unique levels, each with its own distinct perils
  • 4 mini rounds where you can rack up bonus points
  • 3 boss rounds that offer extra challenge from time to time
  • Full controller and touch support
  • Steam Leaderboards and Steam Cloud support
  • Fully hand-drawn graphics accompanied by classic cartoon sound effects and music
  • Humor crafted by the fine fellows over at the Matt & Mattingly's Ice Cream Social podcast
Game Get:

The game is available with a 10% launch discount, so if you want to get it a little cheaper, now's the time! You'll find it on Steam, here: http://store.steampowered.com/app/686510/Fatty_Rabbit_Hole/

Additionally, you can play a demo of the game here: http://fattyrabbithole.com/demo/fatty-rabbit-hole_1.6.1-demo.zip

Thanks for checking it out, and I hope you like it - I could have never gotten a game this far without the help and support of the GameMaker Community! :)
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Just a small update here, but I've uploaded a demo to the game's website (link in main post above) in case anyone wants to try before they buy! :)