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I have been trying to import a GM7 game into Studio for the last 5 days. Most of the issues have been resolved except this one.
What exactly does it mean and how do I resolve it?

I had the same issue with the original import and got stuck on this precise problem so I decided to try making the project again, one step at a time and here I am with the same problem!!

It occurred when I put a controller object in the room with one action, script execute user-name (otherwise, I don't see how the first script would run). This script has all global variables declared and their values.

Many thanks.

P.S. How do you size an image when uploaded so that it is all in view (makes little difference with this image as all the info is visible)?

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This error means that your "controller" object does not have the variable quest1 defined yet, and the script "user_name" is trying to use it. There are a few possible causes:
1) quest1 could be a script resource which you have not yet imported.
2) quest1 could be a variable that you forgot to initialise in the create event BEFORE it is used in that function (this may be because you copied code blocks out of order)
3) you may have had "Treat uninitialised variables as 0" set in your GM7 project: (and thus this error would have been ignored and quest1 would have been treated as 0)

This option is not available in GMStudio because it is horrendous programming practise, and leads to very messy projects. (If that's not the issue, then ignore that statement, but that's one of the main things which breaks projects between different versions of GM)

You can do a project-wide search using ctrl+shift+F and this may enable you to find what you are looking for.
If this does not solve your issue, then you're going to need to post the code in-question for us to take a look at.


Thank you very much, MishMash, a very informative reply.
I shall work on that later today as it is now just after 1a.m.


Solved the problem.
It transpires that "quest1" was a misspelt script name (should have been "ques1") which GM obviously took as an undeclared variable.

Exceeding great thanks to you, MishMash - I had been working on it for days (about 12-14 hours a day).