Fatal Crate - Old School Couch Co-op Action Platformer

Roman P.


Hi, guys. I've decided to take a break from my on and off making of metroidvania that I had started 2-3 years ago when I just picked up a gamemaker(metroidvania as a first game bad idea :D), and teamed up with my friend for this new project. It's still early days but we've been putting in the strides. Mostly we've been concentrating on enemy AI and bosses atm. But we're hoping to start working on levels and have a demo in next month or so.

  • The game will support local co-op
  • 9 levels are planned with an overworld hub which gives you an access at first to first 3 areas, then next 3, next 2 and the last level
  • Collectibles, secret areas
  • Extra unlockable moves
  • Challenging enemies and boss fights
  • Mysterious story of our dudes finding themselves trapped in the city of Boxton under a martial law and lockdown, and strange creatures roaming the streets.
  • Faithful to NES chiptune soundtrack composed by yours truly with a tonne of Sunsoft bass action going

Here's some screenshots and concept art.

2020-07-17 05-26-38.mkv_snapshot_00.05_[2020.07.17_06.05.26].jpg

Throw a bro! and follow us on twitter :)
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looks excellent! It really does have that old-school look and feel... like something straight out of 1991!
Keep us updated on your progress!
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