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Fasteroids is my first foray into GameMaker. Inspired by the original Atari version of Asteroids and owing it's current state to a very long list of people in (and out of the GameMaker community). This is the first release I'm willing to share (though it has a long way to go still).

Get the .zip file or the .exe (single runable exe) from:

Shaun Spalding's Youtube tutorials really helped start the project, but a lot of other GameMaker Youtubers (and forum posts - Alexx) helped with various aspects:

  • Solving the issue of the disappearing ship
  • High score tracking
  • Game controller support
  • Particle effects of stars blinking in and out
  • Placement of lives graphics
  • UFOs now blow up when colliding with an asteroid or player rather than disappear
  • Particle sounds for when bits of destroyed UFO hit the player (but don't hurt at this point)
I realize this isn't the most exciting concept, but a few who've sat down and played (adults and children) seemed to enjoy the game.


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Simple but cool :) I also got inspired by asteroids doing my game which is similar. Good work for a first game, keep it up! ;D


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Thanks Carloskhard and ElectricdonkeyYT. ElectricdonkeyYT it was especially nice that you reviewed it on Youtube. I've done a bunch of "small" updates - at least they feel small when I look at other projects. I've changed the single UFO to several UFOs which are somewhat colour-coded based on speed. I also added some explosions to the UFOs, and made them collide with objects properly instead of just passing through things. And just this evening I changed up the explosions for the UFOs (there;s a special UFO that explodes a bit different from the rest).

I recently compiled a couple of Ubuntu versions in addition to the Windows versions. Unfortunately the latest version segfaulted when I tried it on my test system - so the Ubuntu version is slightly older and doesn't include the new explosions.

Thanks to the Beyond Us Games youtube videos I put Fasteroids under revision control and I've been making lots of commits. Thanks to Dr. Wolf in GM Discord for the help with the animation issues I was having on the About screen. There's still a long way to go but you can download the updated version of Fasteroids from: