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Asset - Demo Fast Terrain Demo


My original fast terrain engine has now been updated to Game Maker: Studio and is available on the marketplace for free:

A demo showcasing a pr_trianglestrip method of generating terrain that is very performant. Gives great framerates. Moderately extensible -- terrain generation isolated to scripts and easily decoupled from demo environment.


  • Generates map from heightmap image (see obj_terrain Create Event to swap heightmap)
  • Generation of texture co-ordinates, normals, full lighting with adjustable detail
  • Some nice looking animated water that moves with adjustable level
  • Earth box (edge of terrain is capped to prevent see-through)
  • Water box (edge of water is capped to prevent see-through)
  • Mouse to edge to pan
  • Mouse wheel to zoom, hold shift to rotate view
I drink coffee. Whilst the asset is free, and there's no pressure to reimburse me, if you'd like to donate me a coffee, or two, please drop me a PM and I'll send you a donate link. Thanks.


Bump, this is my first asset and I'm learning about the marketplace.

Could someone be so kind as to leave a review?



Identified an issue with the macros not being exported to the marketplace correctly, thus it wasn't running properly. I have added instructions on how to work around the issue for now on the marketplace (a list of macros to set in your project).