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Here is my new application for android devics which is called Fast Browsing,You can use this application to go to different sites on the Internet by one click,Also you can Edit the currently stored sites by holding on them then write your favorite site title and address (URL).
I have a questions please is it legal to put all these names in the application or I have to make them (empty)for example?
Made with Gms1.4:)
Link in google play:
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I wouldn't know if this is legal or not, but what makes this different than just using bookmarks on the device's Web browser? Usually when developing a tool for convienance of use, it's good to know what exactly you're innovating on. In this case, you're basically just replicating something that can already be done, which turns people off from using it since their mindset is "What makes this different?".

Don't get me wrong, since I'm not trying to bash your program, but what exactly is pulling me to use it, over bookmarks?


Thanks for the comment,
Yes,As You said it is similar to the idea of bookmark of browsers, But personally I used to use this way for several years to get to My favorite sites as soon as possible with only one click,And perhaps the day will come that distinguishes this application with the next updates


I like to do this on my PC (right click, open all in tabs), but on mobile I'd rather open one site at a time.

If you have a slow connection though this is a good idea. Don't mobile browsers support this yet?

Is the rainbow-colour theme fixed, or can you change it?
Maybe you could make a grey or monochrome theme too.