Farside Rpg : Platformer-Rpg-Roguelite



Hello everyone, I'm developing a game called "Farside Rpg" which is based on a Platformer-Rpg-Roguelite genre. I've already made a working enemy, melee, ranged, and stats system also there is a semi-random level generation consisting of 2 zones (aiming for 7) with around 5 levels in each one.

The game is mainly about defeating mobs, collecting resources, crafting materials for better equipment and as you eventually go through each zone you need to beat a boss at the end which gets harder as you progress. Also, you only get one life which you need to use sparingly.

The inspiration for the game is mainly from "Nuclear Throne", "Ghosts'n Goblins (NES)" and slightly from "Enter The Gungeon" and "Terraria".

Right now I'm working mainly on the Inventory / Crafting system, Leveling System, Tweaking the enemy AI, Tweaking the Tile-Sets and Characters and adding Pause Menu.

I posted this to get some feedback on the idea and art style, and also to know what kind of inventory system you think this kind of game would need (e.g. "Weighted Inv", "Visual Grid Inv", "Auto Sorted Inv", "Rule of 99 Inv").

Any suggestion/reply is appreciated. Thanks

Pics below (P.S. the giant number "1" is just for me to know what variant a level is.) :
screenshot1.png screenshot2.png screenshot3.png screenshot4.png screenshot5.png


I really like the graphics on this! Also, I'm slightly disappointed as I thought that this was going to be related to Gary Larson's work (half-joking). Seriously though, looks neat and waiting to see some gameplay