Windows Farmins Castle Siege


I had some feedback on other forums with concerns about installing my game.
People were getting warning messages from Windows about it being potentially unsafe.
I was looking to get some feedback on how to deal with this.
I created a 2nd option for download, using the .zip compile method.


Just downloaded your game.
Will take me a little while to learn how to play better...
Slowly getting the hang of it. I like how you have the scrolling Options menu set up. is another good place to put your games. and Gamejolt are the two main sites I've always used. They're the easiest to use.
Tried a few other paces...with not much success (CNET, Source Forge, Amazon)
Recently started putting some of my games on the Windows App store and Teachers Pay Teachers.

Note: I don't know a way around the windows warning when downloading EXE or Zip files from sites like
I get those warnings too...even on my own games.

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