Farming simulation

I don't know if this question belongs here, but to answer your question, YES. You can make pretty much any game you want in GMS2. The hardest is not to create a game, the hardest is to finish it. But of course, you will need to buy the pack to export on mobile. And anyone who thinks they can throw a game out of the blues with their own imagination in a few weeks or months through GMS2 are dreaming awake. Games like Hay Day and yep, back then, Sim Farm, you are up to very high and harsh competition, not only for the graphics but for the engine.

But in simple, YES YOU CAN. And I hope you enjoy yourself here and on GMS2.


It's very possible, you might want to store the tiles in a few ds_grid (for type and grow time) which will make saving easier.

I'll be doing one myself very soon :)


game maker studio can make this kind of game, absolutely yes!
but as with all of these types of questions, a lot of it is on the hard work of the developer.