Windows False positive with all versions of executables (exe, zip, and installer) - Game detected as virus.



Hey all. So I got a problem that has been getting on my nerves for the past couple of days. I just published (drafted) a small project on, yet every time I create an executable (compile the game) in any form (exe, zip, or installer) Windows Defender sees it as a virus. I have confirmed this with multiple computers and virus protection applications. I've scanned the files with everything under the sun, and to no surprise, nothing is found. I am using no outside plugins/extensions, and have written all the code myself.

I have only found one workaround, but it is annoying:
The only way in which I was able to download the file from and run the game without getting warned about it possibly being a virus was: creating the executable with the zip option, and then unzipping the folder with something other than the Window's built in extractor. In this case I used 7zip. Once doing so, the .EXE file runs without a warning showing up. It's just super frustrating because it's hard to explain to people, who may not even know how to unzip folders, that they shouldn't click the first option (Window's unzip) when given the choice, but rather use a 3rd party software to unzip the folder.

Anyone know of a better way fix to this? Thanks!