Fairy Story: Rogue



Hello guys, here is the game prototype I am working on. Any comment or suggestion is appreciated.

Update: 3/23/17
Update on tiltset and introduce energy system.

Update: 2/6/17
I am ok with the player animation and interaction now. Next stage, I am going to do the art myself ;( since I can't find art style that matches the story I came up with. P.S. I am also looking for a partner here :) Note that EVERY ART will be changed to match the story below!

Story setting:
We are in the cool medieval capital. In this era, some people are born with magic. They are considered middle class or noble. However, people without magic will have to do labor work with low payment and quality of life.

Story (Rogue version):
You are born in the capital without magic. Those nobles force you to work like a slave, so you try to escape the situation. After you successfully escaped, you plan to overthrow the capital nobles. You kill the nobles in power one by one without knowing that the bigger threat is coming: DEMONS!!!

Story (Mage version):
You are born with incredible magic power. Your parents were killed since you were young by a group of rogues. At age of 21, you are one of the mage commanders fighting wars with demons and rogues. In your mind, rogues are ignorant, and you are seeking revenge.

Arrow left / right = move
Arrow down = Pick up items
A = Talk to NPC

S = Jump
D = Left hand attack
F = Right hand attack

Space bar = Using Fairy skill if available
E = Throw left weapon
G = Throw right weapon

1, 2, 3, 4 = Using items

Enter = Pause (or click on the pause icon)
ESC = Option (or click on the option icon)
T = Player menu (or click on the top right window)

Gameplay: 2d platformer hack and slash.

Download (unfinished half-ass version)
Since the demo will take longer (due to art), here is the most current one. EVERY ART will be changed!

Thank you guys for reading until here. Any comment is appreciated. Peace!
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You're going to get a lot of people telling you to make this into a multiplayer RPG. Do what you will, but do your thing. You have an interesting idea for society in this world, I'd like to see what comes of it :) Looks like you have a really solid engine set up.

T. Brugel

Hey there!
It looks really cool!
I would love to test it out.
I will download the game and give some feedback later today, don't have much time now :/
The game reminds me a little bit of Monkey Quest xD
Cheers and goodluck!


@Ampersand The idea of online multiplayer is great, but I don't know how to do it :( But I plan to do local 2 players PvE and PvP also!

@ T. Brugel I checked out Monkey Quest, and I got the same feeling lol. However, the art style I am aiming for is like this
It will take a long time...... Also, looking forward to your feedback. Thanks a lot!
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Friendly Tyrant
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Very nice animation! The legs seem a bit "stiff" but the swipes and body design are excellent... Looking forward to seeing how this fits in with the rest of what you have so far. :)


@Nocturne Thank you! I don't want to mess up with those legs. I have tried to change the feet's position, but it didn't work out...

P.S. He can walk and have alternative attack now :)



An update with more actions! Nothing much in here, just some art work :)



Hey guys,

I am excited to show this new update since there is gameplay in it! I finish the first enemy, and there is the 2nd character (in progress), ARCHER, there too.
Please let me know what you guys think about this. ;)

I am most concerned about the fluidity of character movement through.



This update is huge (I think). The black character now has an air attack, and I am planing to add more of that. The next update will be environment and cool particle stuff. Stay tuned!
Some gifs showing what the character can currently do.


I added a tilt-set into the game now, and this looks much better. However, I am not satisfied with the background yet. If I put too much detail in the background, the main character will lose players' attention. If I put too less detail, I feel that the background does not belong there. I am trying to find the sweet spot for it.

Energy system is also introduced!
  • Every (non-basic) actions will cost energy.
  • Energy is regenerated very fast if the player does not move. It is regenerated very slow if the player moves. This helps to balance archer-type characters and some very over-power actions such as dashing which makes characters to avoid any attacks.
  • If energy is "too low", characters cannot glide wall, climb, etc.
Let me know what you guys think about the idea of this energy thing. Thanks!