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SOLVED Failed to load resources


Hello guys.
I have a problem with game maker studio 2.3+, everything was working well, but when I use Search & Replace All (when I want to change variables in the project on multiple places), and when I run the game it compiles, but I can't see anything. There are no resources loaded.
I was searching for solutions to fix that, but the only solution is to delete the key from {project_name}.yyp, but when I open it with a text editor (I tried with notepad and visual studio code), I can't see any key. Only the names of resources and paths to it. So I really don't know how to fix this.
For every sprite I got these error in output:
"could not open file C:\Users\[name]\Desktop\[Folder1]\[Folder2]\[Folder3]\[projet_name_folder]\sprites\[sprite_name]\c9586c9b-87ea-4d01-a3fb-44ba31d2a207.png, using blank 16x16 replacement :

Failed to load image C:\Users\[name]\Desktop\[Folder1]\[Folder2]\[Folder3]\[project_name_folder]\sprites\[sprite_name]\5217bcb7-64e2-41d2-a8c4-1194e5719b79.png"


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Please see that post and see if that resolves the issue for now.


@Nocturne I used and created 4 texture groups. One for fonts, one for tilesets, and 2 for sprites. I also disabled the file system sandbox and I also checked "generate minimaps" for all texture groups. Now it's working, but when I tried only with adding new texture maps it was not working. All in all, thanks for the advice, I followed it and did some other things I found on forums and it's working. Hope it will not spoil again.