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Question - IDE Failed to load images


I've seen others with this issue but nothing mentioned has fixed my issue.

I'm working on a project and storing it in github so that I can use both my PC and laptop. Awhile back my laptop developed this issue where it had a whole bunch of these errors:

Failed to load image [path]\sprites\spr_titlescreen_opening_overlay\61d98c64-9901-4bc5-a824-d85e03645c7e.png
could not open file [path]\sprites\spr_titlescreen_opening_overlay\e495be28-9c6a-4fcb-ba8e-335bb27bd456.png, using blank 16x16 replacement

It was still working on my PC so I wasn't too worried. Then it happened on my PC all of a sudden today! Like the same images too. It was working for most of the day, then it wasn't.

I've tried deleting cache and temp folders from the IDE, reinstalling, and nothing is working. There are hundreds of images that are failing to load.

Anyone with any solutions that don't entail slowly going through them one by one from git, or to prevent this in the future?