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Windows "Failed to load audiogroup1.dat"


So. Recently, the very annoying bug that persisted surrounding audio groups was fixed!!! But it seems that there's still a problem.
Primarily, that when testing, there's an error that pops up in the console while it's running:
"Failed to load audiogroup1.dat"
Now, the only other audio group in my project is labeled "music" simply because I store music in a separate audio group.
As a result, when trying to load any music, another error pops up. "msc_menu1: Audio Group 1 is not loaded"
Thing is, it's not called "audio group 1" it's called "music" I don't know if it's relevant or not. For all I know, GMS resorts to numbering audio groups with compile/runtime errors.

It should also be known that this isn't a crash. Just the console yelling at me that it can't load any music.

TLDR: I'm getting a console error telling me that an audio group isn't loaded. For some reason. Said audio group is also not called what it's referred to in the console.


YoYo Games Staff
YYG Staff
Please file a bug (Help -> Report a bug) and we will take a look, please ensure that you attach a sample project that illustrates the problem.



Just a quick question: is this fix still a WIP? I filed a bug report and after a bit of confusion on my end, I finally got the necessary files over to the Yoyogames employee.

I was told the bug was added to the database, so I guess therein lies another question: Are some bugs prioritizes more than others? (excluding bugs that break important things) And if so, where would this bug fall on that category?