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UWP "FAILED: run program complete" Can't get PC to run UWP project



So ive been troubleshooting my project and I'm not able to figure out what the problems are.. I'm using the UWP package and I'm just trying to run it onto my desktop. The situation is that once i got my desktop running the uwp package, i tried to get my xbox package going, which ended up failing.

After failing to run it on the xbox, i try to run it on my desktop and it doesn't work. And ive done this two times with two different computers. The only things i can think of is that i don't have the right packages with VS 2017 or my pfx certificate is all jacked up. This is the last part of the code before it crashes:

System.Exception: unable to install app on device
at Igor.WinUWPBuilder.DoInstall(String packageFullName, String appx_path, String certificate_path)
at Igor.WinUWPBuilder.BuildWindowsUAPProject(String package_name, String _targetfile, Boolean _final)
at Igor.WinUWPBuilder.Run()
Igor complete.
elapsed time 00:04:00.8584994s for command "C:\ProgramData/GameMakerStudio2/Cache/runtimes\runtime-" -options="C:\Users\[name]\AppData\Local\GameMakerStudio2\GMS2TEMP\build.bff" -- WinUWP Run started at 04/20/2018 10:24:46
"cmd" /c subst Z: /d
elapsed time 00:00:00.2579924s for command "cmd" /c subst Z: /d started at 04/20/2018 10:28:47
FAILED: Run Program Complete

So it tells my that I'm unable to install an app on my PC. I really don't know what to do. I've done everything, i created a pfx signing certificate with the project from my Microsoft dev project, visual studio installlations are all there (from the article "setting up UWP for desktop"), uninstalled, reinstalled VS as well as the runtimes on gamemaker. There's no detailed information out there about troubleshooting this problem. I've been working on this for a while and I'm just stumped.

Anyway, hope to get a response soon, thanks in advance.