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Facebook Profile Loader Extension (v1.1.0)
I've made it to let you guys retrieve user information easily. 3 functions and you're all ready. Can easily be imported to big/complex games. All you need to do is to create your Facebook App in Facebook Developer panel, add Facebook Extension(Yoyogames') into your game and you're done, rest is done by the extension.

It works in Android, iOS, and Html5.

  • Retrieve user ID,name,first name, profile picture, birthday, gender, location..
  • All automated and backed up with callback scripts, you pretty much don't do anything :)
  • The extension loads everything for you in the background, so the only thing left for you to use the information.
  • Fun!
Example Code
//Draw Name and Profile Picture
draw_text(20,20,"Hello "+string(fpl_name()));
Here's Marketplace Link

Tutorial and Blog is post is on the way, it'll make it even easier for everyone to integrate this.
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Update ON,
2 new scripts added : fpl_cache_flush() & fpl_profile_picture_is_loaded()


fpl_logout is added and Debug mode is fixed now. You can see debug output on GMS IDE.

I've some plans about new cool things. Also a blog post is coming about how to integrate it (For those who are not familiar with Facebook Apps)