GMS 2 EZ3DCam - A fully featured, easy to use, and FREE 3D Camera for GMS2

Want to get into 3D but got turned off by cameras and projections and all that nonsense? I just released my open source 3D camera project: EZ3DCam.

It's easy to use, can work for any number of 3D projects, and has a robust set of features. Such as:
  • Multiple Camera Modes:
  • FPS

  • Third Person

  • And Static 3rd with Tracking

  • Multiple Rotation Modes: Local (your standard FPS or 3PS) and World (6DOF flight)
  • Full rotational and positional freedom (no gimbal lock)
  • Simple Resolution and Aspect Ratio management (No need to worry about projection matrices)
  • FOV control
  • Familiar room coordinate system
  • Get 3D vectors for camera forward, up, and right for simple camera relative movement and strafing
  • And more!
I think it's pretty easy to set up and use.

You can clone the repo from here:

Feel free to ask any questions here. Keep an eye on my twitter/patreon for a getting started tutorial in the near future.
Been trying to use this for my own experiments lately... and, holy crap, it is not EZ at all. I need to do a serious usability pass on this thing. If you tried this and found it to be a pain to use, stay tuned. I'm gonna clean this crap up.