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Asset - Demo EZ Networking - Reference Build


Easy GMS Networking - (Reference Build)
Hello Gamemaker Community! This asset was created as a learning experience on Gamemaker Networking. I hope to help& teach others just as how the Community has helped me.

I made this as simple as possible for others to learn & implement into their projects (specifically platformers). You guys should also check out the Platformer Build (Itch.io / GM:S Marketplace ) !

- It uses a fairly simple networking system called LockStep.
- It involves the Client mimicking other clients by sending each command the player presses.
- Simple scripts to send keypress/releases.
- Client to Client / Peer to Peer networking; The Server just acts as a messenger.
- CHAT is included!

**I will work on adding interpolation & different ways of networking for a variety of games in the future. Please feel free to send me any suggestions, feedback & questions, Thank you !! :") **

Stay updated!
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