Free Eyes (arcade game remake)




Platform: Windows XP or above* (not tested on Windows 8: may crash on it)
Genre: Maze/shooter

This is a remake of the classic arcade game Eyes designed to look like it was ported over to the Atari 7800.
However, as I'm unsure whether the console could handle the high speed in the later levels, direct references to the 7800 were removed.

Your goal is to shoot every item in the room and move on to the next. There are 8 rooms in total. Shooting the items gives you the highest amount of points. As levels progress, everything is worth more points and things get more difficult. Enemy eyes patrol the maze and will try to shoot you back. Avoid their shots at all costs. You may shoot the enemy eyes to temporarily remove them from the game.

- A code to get 30 lives
- Different difficulty settings