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Windows Extreme performance differences between GMS 1.4 and GMS 2



I have set up a test in both Game Maker Studio 2 and Game Maker Studio 1.4 which only contains a room 1024x768, 10 objects with an animated sprite (9 frames) and one object that draws the fps_real and the fps on the screen.

I made that test because I have performance issues with one of my games in GMS 2. It is nothing fancy but for some reason the game runs with 60 fps in GMS 2 but as .exe only with 45 fps.... This problem occurs on my pc and laptop and both should be capable of running this small game with 60 fps. So I read a lot of things to find out what this problem could be.... and I found out that there are more with the same problem and one possible fix is to set the sleep margin to 10 ms. But that is not really a fix because of how the sleep margin works and the game should easily run on more fps.

However I made the previous mentioned test and in Game Maker Studio 1.4 this "Performance Test Game" runs smooth on 30, 60, 120fps etc. the max fps I got was ~6500fps (game loops per second; i set the game speed to 9999) and fps_real around 8000 with a sleep margin of 1ms and 10ms.

In Game Maker Studio 2 the same set up runs with 45 fps when I set the game speed to 60fps and the sleep margin to 1ms. With sleep margin of 10ms the game runs at 60fps (still 60fps game speed).... now when I set my game speed to 999 the game should try to make 999 game loops per second and if its not powerful enough it wont reach the 999 but still should get as much as the pc can handle (with GMS 1.4 it was 999fps with game speed of 999 and 6500fps with a game speed of 9999) but now the game ran at only 12 fps..... that is odd I think because it should still get the previous 60 fps (with game speed at 60 fps) or more but not less.

I basically know how the sleep margin works now and because of GMS 2 sleeping too long and being too late for the next frame there could be frame stuttering and less performance but a difference from 6500 to 12 fps is a lot^^

Does someone have the same problem? Or does someone know a permanent fix ?

Sorry for any mistakes in the text (English is not my first language xD) and I hope i explained it well enough ;)

PS: Correct me if I got something wrong.