Extra Galactic Performance Test


Hey everyone,
I've been working on a game called Extra Galactic for quite a while now, it's still far from completion but I've created the main engine of the game. I want to know how the game runs on different computers so I'm putting a mini game demo on here for you to test. If you have the time then please test it out and tell me how it performs for you and the specs of your computer (maybe even some feedback on the actual gameplay)! Here's a video of what the 'level' looks like:

In the full game the level will have more 'life' in it and it'll look better, but this is just a performance test. I haven't added a pause menu so the only way you can quit is by crossing the window. :p

When you open the game just click 'play', then 'story', then 'mission 1'. Clicking on the other missions does the same thing. Your fps will be shown on the left, also the controls are pretty simple click to boost and space to shoot.

Here's a link to the demo: https://www.dropbox.com/s/onm8789gzdciqhq/Extra Galactic Test 92.exe?dl=0

I have gotten multiplayer working so if you wanna try that out (if you know about port forwarding and IPs) then you can do that too, but the controls in multiplayer are different from the single player mode.

Also if you're playing the game with a monitor with a resolution lower than 1080p I recommend you change some options in the menu.

Also music credit to Jayster: https://www.youtube.com/user/jayster6721
Song name: Runnin' through castles

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