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Question - Code Extensions

Samuel Venable

Time Killer
Does the beta allow the testing of extensions and calling *.dll's/*.dylib's/*.so's for Windows/Mac/Linux?

If so, I have my extensions to test, I gotta get my hands on it ASAP on their next opening (if there will even be one?) :/

Samuel Venable

Time Killer
Than how is anyone supposed to report bugs with the features they disable? Isn't that the whole point of the beta? Reporting bugs?

Isn't disabling the build button achieving enough limitation? Seriously though.

I can already see there being tons of problems with the shader implimentation.

That and in GM:S 1.X I found bugs with using screen_save in conjunction with sprite_add on Android. If they have these key features broken in 1.X, I can only imagine how 2.0 will be, without proper beta testing, (by disabling the testing of these important features).
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