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Legacy GM Extensions not working

Thijs Hof

I can't add extensions anymore... :bash:

What i do:
  1. Right click "Extensions"
  2. Click "Import extension from library"
  3. Goto "My Library"
  4. Click "Add to project" next to the extension i want to install (Google Play Services
  5. -Nothing happens- :(
I also tried using "import extension" and selecting the "*.gmez" but that doesn't work either.

What can i do?


i got the same problem! (using gms 1.4)
"import extension" unpacks it, but the resource tree stays empty!
Any solution?


the extension was in folder d:\gamemaker_LIC, and it does not import.
however, i move the .gmez to d:\ and now it imports!!!!!!!
what the hell is this BS, however, because of your tip and tried this, and holy it works!
looks like a strange bug to me!!