Suggestion Extensions & Engines Subforum


I noticed there is only a subforum for tutorials & marketplace assets, but there is nowhere for non-marketplace engines and extensions.

A couple of engines have been posted in "Tutorials", perhaps we should have the same two subforums as before?

Or add a new one called "Extensions & Engines" ?


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No, this isn't going to happen for the moment either... Like I've said in other topics, we don't want to have a sub-forum-tastic forum here with 90% of the forums only getting a post every other month... We want this to be a place where every forum is useful and every forum is used...

If you have Studio, you have the marketplace, and YYG want to encourage everyone to move to that for extensions etc... It's not hard to package up an extension and upload it and it can be done in a few minutes, and there is no obligation to charge people or anything for it either (plenty of free items up there!).


Alright~ I thought that might be the case, time to join the dark side I guess :p

Thanks, you can delete this thread if you like.