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Exporting to HTML5

I'm currently programming a game on GameMaker that I originally made with the Godot engine; written in GDScript and exported to HTML5. I would like to do the same thing with the GameMaker version, however, I have the desktop version and it does not support HTML5. I am considering purchasing the license that will allow me to export my project to HTML5. My question is this, though. Will that version export my game, which is being written in GMScript, to HTML5 or do I have to write it in HTML5? I would also like to know if they're any issues that might develop in doing so.. such as Browser compatibility and/or game performance? With Godot, I really had no issues with it except for the colors losing a little bit of its vibrant. Other than that, the game ran fine on the Web.

Thanks in advance for any helpful insight. I just want to make sure that if I upgrade my Gamemaker license, it will be worth the investment. :)


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All export licenses export from whatever you wrote your game in to the target platform's native language. You export from the same code base for all target platforms.

Mr Magnus

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The HTML export will create a .js file with all your code crammed in, the required external assets, and a rudimentary html file with a canvas at the center of it running the game. It's native javascript and - while obfuscated - was compatible with all browsers I tested it on in the long ago.


From my experience, there will be some small things that you may take for granted while debugging in the desktop that you'll have to adjust for in the HTML5 export, but for the most part you'll just make a game like how you normally do for the desktop and it will work in HTML5.