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Windows Exporting and importing multiple scripts


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I have a large amount of scripts I'd like to move from one project (GMS2) to another (GMS 1.4). I'd like to know if there's a simple way to do this without having to copy each script manually. I started doing it the manual way, I got pretty far, and then GMS 1.4 froze and closed. Rage ensued, not doing that again.


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Right now Im just bumping this because I have encountered a terrible issue . GMS2 does not have any export option for individual resource and I need that for my jam. All the other methods I tried didnt help. The closest I could manage to do is pass everything one by one, code by code into a project file but that still didnt help because I cant find a way to transfer a sound file into another GMS project. My only plead at the moment would be an exporting resource option for GMS2. That would make my life easier. Might as well speak that at the roadmap to see.


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Create an extension with the resources that you need in 1.4, then save it out as a GMEZ file which can be added as an extension into GMS2.


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Create an extension with the resources that you need in 1.4, then save it out as a GMEZ file which can be added as an extension into GMS2.
Well, I need it to go the other way. The manual doesn't explain how to include resources in the extension, it only seems to let me import external files? Will GMS 1.4 be able to import extensions made in GMS 2? Halp, haven't used extensions before.


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My importer? It doesn't care about gms versioning - it just simply helps add batches of gml files to gms2 by extracing all gml files from a directory and it's sub directories . GMS2 DOES support dragging gml right to the resource tree - but the problem lies when trying to import alot of scripts from a gms2 project.

If you have scripts from GMS1 you can simply drag all your scripts into the resource tree. If you have scripts from GMS2 you'll notice gml files all have their own sub directory for I guess make having the new seemingly pointless yy files less of an eyesore? What my tool does is accepts a folder - and grabs all the gml scripts from that folder and moves them somewhere else so you can just drag them into your gms2 resource tree instead of right click -> add script -> navigate for half an hour.

So for OP's problem - you could use my tool to extract all your gml files from gms2 and then add them in gms1 via the right click - > add multiple scripts option. ( see gif for more details ) though - and this is the stubborn arrogant side of me coming out - the real solution is to not try and revert back to gms1.

Gms2 so nice and shiny.

However I have been working on a gm package manager / resource manager ( if that's what you meant icuurd ) for sharing and reusing libraries, assets, and code. If I ever finish that depends on where YYG takes GMS2 if they end up giving us better tools for this kinda stuff.


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