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Android Exported apk has wrong apk version



I updated my code of my Android project in GMS2.
Then I updated the version in Options->Android->Android General
from 1.0.2 version to 1.0.3 version.

I use an extension to inject code to the AndroidManfest.xml,
but I don't inject anything which has to to with the version number.

But if I export I always get an apk with version number 1.0.2.
To see this I renamed the apk to zip, unzipped it and in the AndroidManfest.xml
I see always 1.0.2 although in the GMS2 settings I set 1.0.3.

Extract of the unzipped AndroidManfest.xml of the apk:


Before I exported with "Build->Create executable" I cleaned with "Build->Clean".
And in addition I deleted the AppData\Roaming\GameMakerStudio2\Cache directory
before creating executable.

And the last evidence that the version is not updated is that I can't upload
the apk to the Amazon appstore with the message

"Failed to upload binary. The version codes of all uploaded binaries in an
app must be unique. The binary you just uploaded with version code 1,000,002
conflicts with the version code of an existing binary in one of the previous versions."

So why isn't the version updated to 1.0.3 in the exported apk although I set
it in the GMS2 options and how can I do it?
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