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as in, a programmer experimenting as a concept artist

Hello GMC! I have recently come across an art style that I would like to experiment with further. A bit of background: I am a professional programmer for life with the game development hobby for fun since around 2010. Art has never been my strong suit, although I would like to be minimally proficient at it (especially real-life sketching and water coloring, but that is beyond the point). However, during my failed attempt at finishing an entry for JamCraft 5, I had to dabble a bit in art creation. And I was actually quite happy with the results since they didn't utterly suck like my previous attempts!

the monsters created for my (failed) jam entry

So I decided to experiment a bit further, taking one of the monsters as the basis.

the incremental process of creating the concept

To further develop this art style, I need to paint something with your help. As you probably noticed by now, I am not a professional artist, but I can create some simple concept art for your game. The concept art will have the style in the displayed animations, and you can request it at any point of completion (e.g., the final colored state - which takes potentially a lot of time - or just the more "sketch" like state - which should be faster to create).

Since the purpose is to develop my skill, there are absolutely no fees associated with any work requested. I only ask that you understand that I'll be doing this alongside my professional work and game development hobby, which means that a job might take potentially longer than if requested from a professional artist. The outcome is also not going to be of a very high quality (as seen).

Blobby character concept
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Rui is very imaginative and creative. He did a nice sketch of a character I needed to visualize for an upcoming project, and did some variations for different characters. Helped me with the overall vision of the project. Thank you!