Portfolio - Programming Experienced Programmer/Game Developer For Hire (CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE)


Hi, my name's Cameron, I have a passion for game development and would love to bring that passion to your project!

I have been doing game development in GMS (GameMaker Studio), full time, for about 7 to 8 years now. Some of the time has been working on my own projects and some working for clients such as yourself.

I have experience working with git repositories in team environments and know how to avoid merge conflicts.

Along with a mastery of GMS, over the course of my development I've picked up an array of other skills like the above mentioned Git, as well as image editing software such as photoshop, krita and aseprite, and also music studio software such as FlStudio and other tech stacks that can be beneficial to your project.

I"ve also developed soft skills such as working with others and managing the business aspect of being an independent contractor. All in all, my aim is to be as professional as possible in communication and organization and I like to think that comes across to my clients.

As far as specific mastery of GMS, there is a lot to cover, but in general I love to build systems and seem to have a knack for that. However, I also have a passion for creating professional quality effects and presentation, via motion, particles, shaders and more.

I also have experience in other programming languages and tech stacks, including C, C++, C#, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Python, Pascal, and more, however I always keep coming back to GMS and my experience in GMS dwarfs the rest.

Anyhow, that's enough reading about me, here are some examples of my work:

While some game developers find it boring, I really love developing menus. I think it's because game dev projects in general can be quite large and take some time before you get to see the results of your work. Menus, however, tend to be encapsulated little systems/mini projects inside the game that challenge both system building and aesthetic design and problem solving and you get to see the fruits of your labor in a relatively short time.

Released to some critical acclaim on Android. Just kidding, it was buried under a sea of match 3 clones.

This game was a personal passion project with a lot of complex work going into the aesthetics with multiple layer shader processing and shader post processing for bloom lighting, blur, and more. Also, the lighting system used is often seen in 3D games but never really seen in 2D games. Most 2D games use basic surface subtraction, however the lighting used in Vanquish the Vile used normal, specular and occlusion maps for hyper realism. Ultimately it's greatest strength was also the reason I had to shelve it, it was just too much work for me to do all the sprite renderings that this system needed. For each individual frame of each animation I had to make 5 different images by hand for the different lighting angles and then process them in Sprite Lamp which would render the normal, specular, and occlusion maps and then put them into the game. It was just too cumbersome and time consuming.

I also worked for a few years on "Rising Lords" as part of a team. You can find their steam page here Rising Lords on Steam

Anyhow, I really look forward to hearing from you and working on exciting projects. Let's make the next great game together!

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I can absolutely recommend Cameron to you. He has worked with Argonwood for almost 3 years and has been a great addition to the project "Rising Lords". We would not be where we are now without him!
Especially talented with visual programming and particle effects as well as creating systems.
Professional approach to problem solving. Will ask until he fully understood the problem and will afterwards report back in detail.


Cameron has been a HUGE help with my project. I had initially hired him to help me with a lighting system but after I saw what he was capable of I continued using his services. I envy his programming skills - he's definitely found his calling. Thankfully, his coding is efficient and well commented so I've learned A LOT in a short amount of time.


I recently worked with Cameron, asking for his time to help me expand upon a pixel based tile map collision system. The speed at which he delivered and the quality of the final product was fantastic. A professional attitude was maintained throughout and you can tell he really has a passion for his work. Code was tidy, well commented and easy to understand which was the objective. I will definitely be looking to work with Cameron again in the future. If you're having an issue in getting to grips with something or even if you just might want to save yourself some time coding features then you will be doing yourself a huge favor in hiring him.