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Discussion in 'Collaboration' started by GmlProgrammer, Oct 12, 2016.

  1. GmlProgrammer

    GmlProgrammer Member

    Oct 12, 2016
    Hello, my name is Loukas and I am an experienced GML programmer,
    passionate about creating fun and engaging video games.



    -Advanced Mathematics (Linear algebra, Analysis, Probability) {Directly Applicable to game design}
    -Physics (mostly Newtonian) {As before, directly applicable to game design}
    -Programming Languages (C , C++ ,GML)

    Specific to Game Creation:

    -Implementing Gameplay Engines (Platformer, TPS, Side Scrollers, Shoot em Ups, RPG's, etc..)
    -Simple to Advanced AI routines (Sophisticated Path-finding, Finite State Machines, etc..)
    -Procedural Generation (Dungeons, Mazes, Buildings, Caves, etc..)
    -Databases (for Inventory, Advanced Stats , Saving and Loading , etc..)
    -Advanced Graphics Effects (Shaders, Particles, Animations, advanced graphical components*)

    *such as Bezier Curves

    Things I do NOT do:

    -3D Games
    -Networking & Web Interaction


    Below are some demos highlighting SOME of my skill and variety
    <The demos are HTML5 and .exe, and most are designed for PC's. >
    <Sorry for the excessive use of spoiler tags, but I don't want the post to never end..>

    Demo 1
    First up, a simple Dungeon Generator that can generate dungeons with up to 10 rooms.
    It's a bit bare bones, but can easily be expanded.

    And for those who want to see the magic behind the scenes,
    here is a little .exe that generates a maze in front of your eyes
    Demo 2
    Then a classic Breakout clone. The level design is garbage (I am not a level designer)
    but the collisions are pretty good. Be careful though, the bat collision is extremely
    Demo 3
    Up next is a recreation of a mini-game that I loved. Voltorb flip.
    I revamped the graphics and got it up and running as an HTML5 game.
    Demo 4
    And there's a platformer I created.
    A collection of a few solid mechanics, and pixel perfect Collisions.
    Level design, not so great.. (As I said before, I'm not a level designer)
    Demo 5
    After all that, I present you... a Candy Crush clone, with a Twist!
    You can play by yourself, but if you get tired, you just press space and..
    It plays a move by itself! And the move it plays is the best move on the board!
    Demo 6
    By the way, have you ever heard about "Conway's Game of Life" ?
    If not, then go search for it. It's a fascinating thought.
    I was so compelled by it that I decided to create an implementation.
    It runs by itself so just sit back and relax
    Demo 7
    I usually don't watch any anime, but one of my friends suggested me
    Death Note, and I liked it to the bone.
    The next demo is a Typing Game (Huh?) that's Death Note themed.
    Overall not a great game, but it was interesting to code it.
    Demos 8 & 9
    Talking about franchise inspired demos, here are two more!
    The first is a semi 3d version of the Sky Pillar (from Pokemon (R/S/E) )
    The second one is the matrix effect (from Matrix duh..)
    No real gameplay here but there are some shaders!
    The first one showcases a pixel shader, the second one a vertex shader.
    Demo 10
    Finally, there is a small application that can solve sudoku!
    But what's a sudoku? you ask,
    It's basically a grid game where you have to fill numbers in a specific way,
    with some of them already filled up.
    My application can solve every valid sudoku, but may take some time on the tougher ones.
    Instructions: Hover your mouse over a tile, and type the number to insert it
    When you are done, click the big black SOLVE button.

    Other useful information:

    The Game Maker modules that I own are Windows, Mac, Android, IOS and HTML5
    However, I do not have an apple product or certification,
    so IOS and Mac are out. (Still plenty options)

    As far as communication goes I am comfortable with reading, hearing, and
    writing in English (talking, not so much, but it hasn't been an obstacle)

    Also, my time zone is GMT+2.

    Contacting & Payment:

    You can contact me through this e-mail: gmlprogrammer@gmail.com
    I usually answer the e-mail within 2 days or less
    Further contact will be done through DISCORD (I will send the id)

    Payments will be done either through PAYPAL or bank transfer.
    Other than that very open about the payment schedule and the prices.
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  2. Hugh Patrick Greene

    Hugh Patrick Greene Member

    Jul 14, 2016
    you are quite talented. I really admire your work.
  3. ThunkGames

    ThunkGames Guest

  4. ThunkGames

    ThunkGames Guest

    Loukas really helped me out when I needed someone with a little more specialty than I. He performed the job a good deal quicker than I expected at a more than reasonable price. When I needed some clarification, he provided it. I'd recommend his services and I look forward to working with him again!

  5. GmlProgrammer is absolutely great a programming. I needed specific characteristics for my characters and he provided the code in less time than he expected. His coding is clear and easy to read with great explanations as well. This man is the real deal and I hope to work with him in the future.

    - Wardie Parks IV
  6. Mr Errorz

    Mr Errorz Member

    Jun 21, 2016
    Highly recommended,
    Very competent, reliable and patient.
    If you need some help w/ coding, don't hesitate.
  7. equinox

    equinox Member

    Dec 8, 2016
    Great, really great coder. He was able to solve and write
    the code I was looking for.

    A great work of code, competent ... indeed competent ++.

    Absolutely to recommend if you need to solve problems with difficult code.

    Rating: 1 to 10? -----> 11

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