Team Request Experienced GML Programmer and Music Artist looking for work


Hello all,

I am an experienced GML Programmer on the mid-advanced level looking for a team to collab with. I am also able to make music. Im good with electronic/goofy sort of songs. I can also do techno styles. I have experience in 2D as well as 3D. Have worked with simple surface techniques, data structure systems, proprietary save game systems, etc, etc. Let's make the next Undertale or something!! Exaple projects available. Here is a link to one of my latest projects on MediaFire. It was made with GM 8.1, so it is a bit old. I can program for Studio as well but I have not completed any projects.
Dancing Inferno 3
It can also be seen on Game Jolt

Prefer email or PM as contact.
Hello there, I’m currently making a 2D Platform Fighting Fan Game and need a GameMaker Programmer. If you’re interested, please reply and we can talk more about the project.