Job Offer - General Experienced Game Designer Requried


I'm looking for a highly experienced game designer to join our team for a 6 month contract, based in Kent in the UK. We will need you to work on site with the team rather than remotely. It is possible that the role could become permanent depending on progression over the 6 months.

Please contact me for more details or if you feel you could be the right person.

Most people who work in (programming) teams, have the problem of their members spread out all over the globe, and resolve it by communicating with each other via the Internet by live streaming, or by some form of Internet communication to collaborate with each other on the project they are working on at different times, each according to their time zone.
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if you're looking for local talent maybe you should try Craigslist or Facebook. programmers on the internet are spread across the globe as Lord JK Williams said. if you're worried about security you can always use a remote virtual machine and VPN.