Distribution Experience publishing mobile game with / without publishers?


Hi there Game Maker'ers,

So after a few weeks, and thanks to the help of this community,
we got a game that is good enough to start making its debut on ios and android stores,
we were planning on self-publishing the whole thing, figuring out monetization models, etc. It's our first game, releasing is the most important part for us.

I'm under the impression there are publishing companies that could take our baby and help us with:

- Releasing on the stores
- Dealing with compatibilities, etc, responsiveness is something we planned for, but Yoyogames' doc is quite frugal on this
- Coming up with monetization, etc.

Basically, we're looking for a company that has the experience of making creating games on mobile sustainable and that could help us.

Have you released a game with/without a publisher? Do you have some experience to share?