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Discussion in 'Collaboration' started by Lmon_Tandon, Jan 9, 2019.

  1. Lmon_Tandon

    Lmon_Tandon Member

    Jan 3, 2019
    Hi Everyone

    I am searching for a mentor, teacher for GML. Maybe 1h per week where i can ask questions and sharing my codes for getting better. In exchange i can teach you in Music Production or Sound Design. I am a Producer, Writer Musician ( I play acoustic Instruments like Drums and Piano for years and i do electronic Music Production and Sound Design as well.

    Swiss German
    French (basics)

    If you have any interests in this kind of exchange project and if you like teaching GML Basics to someone please let me know.
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  2. matharoo

    matharoo Udemy Instructor

    Jul 9, 2016
    I sent you a message. :)

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