Windows Evil Monkey Head - 3D horror game (Free)


It is basically a 3D version of Pac-Man with a first-person perspective. Try to collect all the blue 'Mon-Keys' in the scene and unlock the gate, while avoiding the approach of the red evil monkey heads, which will kill you instantly. There are also some green sphere items that can make the player invincible for limited time. The game is very short, and you may finish it within a few minutes or an hour, depending on your skill.

The project makes use of TheSnidr's SMF system for obj model import and rendering. I modify it a bit so that it can support more vertex lights and pixel lights, and also deleting lights, since lights are highly dynamic and heavily used in the scenes. I also made all the scene models with Blender.

Walk : WASD or arrow keys
Rotate camera: move mouse
Quit : Esc


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BB Scary

I know this monkey head from blender. :D Nice game and atmosphere. I played your game to the end. Last level is hard bit possible.