Everybody Wham Wham


I'm doing a project where I make and release games in a quick tempo.
3 weeks ago I started making this snowman-building game with my friends at Bonte Avond.

It's a game about making the best snowman, while making sure other contestants lose.

At the moment we're having trouble with marketing the game to get a good release. If anyone has tips please let me know! :)

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So at the moment we're implementing the whole story of the game which is super fun to do.
The gameplayloop is finetuned (so the demo in the first post is a bit outdated already), we also have a tutorial now because the loop was tough to figure out.

Want to release the game this month but idk, I'm feeling I want to make a commercial release, it does feel good and big enough. But I'm so caught up in developing, planning for a commercial release is tough..



Still working on this game, we're setting up Steam and stuff and hoping for a release somewhere mid January!
Changed the name to "Everybody Wham Wham".

We're doing some playtesting / demo testing on our discord if anyone wants to test! :)
The game will be around 1 - 3 hours gameplay depending on if you want to befriend characters and explore.

It is filled with indie music and some parts of the game even feel like a musical.
Kinda comparable to some other games we made like "The Dragon of Terzaville" or "Tower Guy"!
Can't wait to share the full version!


I must admit, this project looks very awesome and you can see how much passion has been put into it already.


Hi everyone,
the moment is really there the game is finished and we're releasing January 29th!!!
We made a new trailer today:

Let me know what you think,
and I would also really appreciate a wishlist on steam (helps with algorithms)

If you want to know more about the game, please ask! :) :)
It's the first commercial release we've done and we're all super excited at Bonte Avond!
Thanks for all the positive reactions too!