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Windows Events List (child inherit issue)

I've come across something that I'm not sure if it's by design or if it's a bug. If I had an object as a child of another object that has a particular event, said event does not always show up in the child's event list dialog box right away. If I close the dialog box and reopen it, the event will show up. If I create an overriding event and then delete it, the inherited event will also show up. Below I set test2 as a child of test1. The Create event is missing from test2's event list.


Also, if I delete the parent objects event, it doesn't always immediately disappear from the child unless I close and open the event dialog box. Here I deleted the create event from test1 but it still shows up as an inherited event in test2.


Is this a bug?
Looks like a small bug on your end. Here, if I set a parent, the "greyed out" inherited events are popping up right away (and vice-versa), no need to close or do anything for it to refresh!
The strange thing is that it doesn't happen 100% of the time. It's not this specific project because I can reproduce the issue in a fresh one as well. If it's an issue on my side, any suggestions on how to fix it? I'm sure reinstallation is one obvious choice.


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Definitely seems like a bug, although I can't reproduce myself.... What version of GMS are you using currently?
I was running the current version available for download (stable non-beta). Right now I'm uninstalling, clearing project cache, and reinstalling. Yeah, strange behavior. Any other input is welcome.
Try to go to :
File -> Preferences (Ctrl+Shift+P)
Find "Object Editor" in the left column, and check if the parameters make sense. Maybe Inherited Event Alpha is set to 0?
Lately, new installs of GMS are kind of messing up the settings, it is worth a shot at checking that.
Does not seem to be the case:

What's the easiest way to delete preferences for GMS? That's something else to try if other settings might be screwed up under the hood.
Aside from clicking Restore Default (which would probably do nothing in your case since it's a fresh install), I think I'm at the end of my rope...
I'd file a bug report, Yoyo staff will be able to determine more, based on your machine specs and all. This is maybe a compatibility issue that's hard to track when you don't have inside knowledge of the build and all (which I unfortunately don't)

EDIT: Wait a second! That first screenshot... it's right. Check closely, the object on the left is CHILD of that on the right, it's totally normal the left guy's create don't pop up in the right guy's event list.
Screenshot 2 should have updated right away, tho, so I'd still file a bug about it (IDE not refreshing)
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Well, I got a pretty quick reply after reporting the bug. Apparently, this is something that should be fixed in the latest beta. I haven't tested that yet but I'll update this post if it does indeed fix it for me.