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Hey there! I am working on a game called

It has been in development for awhile now, but this is my first game!


Our story starts off with 2 scientists, Nox and Neo. Nox and Neo were very close, always doing experiments with one another, playing games and almost never leaving each others side. Eventually, Neo asked Nox if he would be comfortable with doing a different kind of experiment, making a human child.

Nox happily obliged as he had studied humans and their culture for years prior.

They ran off to create a room for the human, then began the experiment.

After around 30 tries, they began to get tired, throwing away the DNA for the "mistakes" into a box that had "ETC" scrawled on the side of it.

They would keep trying, eventually getting tired of counting and just saying PIN # ETC... many tries later, they finally had it! A healthy human child. Unsure of what to name the child, they simply named them PIN.

Growing up, PIN didn't have many friends as they were one of the only humans on their planet. PIN resorted to hanging out in the forest, where they would make friends with the moths. PIN was very loving towards the insects, caring for them until they died, then encasing them in a shadow box for memories sake.

On PIN's 18th birthday, 9 in human years, war broke out, leaving Nox and Neo no choice but to flee the planet and bring PIN with them, they only wanted the best for PIN after all. They fled to a nearby planet, but miscalculated their landing. They didn't realize how bright the sun was compared to their naturally dark planet. When they reached the atmosphere of the planet they were instantly blinded. Plummeting to the planet, they crashed into a forest. PIN was surprisingly the only one to survive. Not wondering HOW they survived, they called out for Nox and Neo who were both no where to be seen or heard. PIN tried to move only to then realize that they were paralyzed from the waist down. They shouted for help, anyone who could help them.. but you were the only one to hear them.

This is where you come in. You are PIN's life force. PIN, will ask you for help, to help them move, get around and help find Nox and Neo. Will you help them?

  • Arrow key (and WASD) DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) to attack monsters.The more arrows you hit correctly, the harder the hit.​
  • When attacking, PIN’s battle animation is to use the staff given by Cushion to summon the undead spirits of PIN’s taxidermy collection.​
  • Same DDR mechanic is used when under attack, allowing the player to defend themselves by completing the arrow combination correctly. The more you get it wrong, the harder the hit.​
  • The HP bar is presented as the graphic of a blue rope. Every time you are hit, a slashing graphic appears over it and the blue rope’s graphic is changed to be more frayed (a visual representation of the player’s connection with PIN).​
  • Battle options: Attack, Item, Pass​

As I am new to game maker, will be looking for some back-up help in the forums at some points! Thanks for reading.

My skype is tobias.shee! Feel free to add me!

"It's been in development for awhile now," ---> zero gameplay screenshots/videos here or on Kickstarter. Good luck, lol.
The art looks kind of cute, too. I can't see you getting any funding with absolutely no gameplay to show, though. :p


Sorry to hear you feel that way O:
No, I meant with naming your name character "PIN" (especially with it being in all caps), it makes it look like the abbreviation for the Personal Identification Numbers that banks use to access bank accounts via credit or debit card. It makes the entire story read sort of... well... weird.