Released eSport Boss available now on Android!

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    Aug 9, 2016
    Hey fellow devs, I have just released my Android title eSport Boss! It's a management game based on creating your very own eSport Team. Level up your players, purchase new players, and expand your brand by investing in merchandise!


    Store description:
    Build an eSports team from the ground up! Create your team's name, choose the logo, and refine your roster! Train your players, build your brand, and become the most feared around!

    - Gameplay Features -
    • Customize your team's appearance and brand!
    • Battle your way through a variety of tournaments to earn rewards!
    • Randomly generated player stats, resulting in unique player experiences!
    • Scout and sign players from your rivals!
    • Invest in merchandise, from jerseys to a customized PC!
    • Choose how your player's stats grow on your path to glory!
    • Collect all of the silverware and become World Champions!
    • Upload your career to the Cloud!

    In order to use the Cloud features, you must have a connection to the internet and be signed in to your Google Play account.

    You can download it now for free!
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