Error Log in Android Build Game (Error Log is Updated)

I'm a new developer in GMS. and starting following some tutorial -called Little Town- to learn it. Now I created an android build for the game tutorial but the build has failed although there is no errors in the Compile Errors tab. Can I get a help where is the issue come from?

the build log is linked here
First thing I'd try is to clean the project and try to recompile (using the little brush icon beside the 'stop' and 'start' buttons). In case that doesn't work, does it compile properly if you attempt to build for Windows?
Thank you for your response. I tried clean the project but also fails.Yes it works fine in Windows but in macOS doesn't work and log this in the output.
Now, after I cleaned the project the error log is changed . . . This is some of the errors in the log

symbol: class YouTubeThumbnailView
location: package
/Users/emanabdullah/.config/GameMakerStudio2/Cache/GMS2CACHE/DoC_9EAC552E/Android/Default/com.solveedu.dawnofcivilization/src/main/java/com/solveedu/dawnofcivilization/ error: cannot find symbol

* What went wrong:
Execution failed for task ''.