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Linux Error attempting to draw sprite


Hi all!

I'm using GMS2 for Windows (Runtime and Ubuntu 16.04.4 (amd64) on VMware.

I have a great project that runs well on Windows and Android.

Today I decided to first run it on Ubuntu and immediately got an error. The project itself is compiled and started, but in the terminal I see it: "Error attempting to draw sprite NAME_SPRITE". And in the program itself there is not one object.

In the console, you can see how the sprites and fonts are removed:

Writing Chunk... GEN8
Writing Chunk... OPTN
Writing Chunk... LANG
Writing Chunk... EXTN
Writing Chunk... SOND
Writing Chunk... AGRP
Writing Chunk... SPRT
sprite spr_k_a_choose_window_background_mdpi removed
sprite spr_k_a_choose_window_refresh_mdpi removed
sprite spr_k_a_choose_window_back_mdpi removed
sprite spr_k_a_choose_window_paired_mdpi removed
sprite spr_k_a_choose_window_bt_mdpi removed
sprite spr_k_a_choose_window_mini_bg_mdpi removed
sprite spr_k_a_choose_window_button_mdpi removed
sprite spr_k_a_choose_window_background_hdpi removed
sprite spr_k_a_choose_window_refresh_hdpi removed
Writing Chunk... BGND
Writing Chunk... PATH
Writing Chunk... SCPT
Writing Chunk... GLOB
Writing Chunk... SHDR
Writing Chunk... FONT
font f_information_from_bluetooth_mdpi removed
font f_signature_mdpi removed
font f_room_start_tm_table_mdpi removed
font f_r_par_multi_bk_fr_r_rif_mdpi removed
font f_r_cap_rif_fr_r_rif_mdpi removed
font f_keyboard_digit_mdpi removed
font f_keyboard_letter_mdpi removed
font f_keyboard_show_mdpi removed
font f_signature_table_mdpi removed
font f_information_from_bluetooth_hdpi removed
font f_signature_hdpi removed
font f_room_start_tm_table_hdpi removed
font f_r_par_multi_bk_fr_r_rif_hdpi removed
font f_r_cap_rif_fr_r_rif_hdpi removed
font f_keyboard_digit_hdpi removed
font f_keyboard_letter_hdpi removed
font f_keyboard_show_hdpi removed
font f_signature_table_hdpi removed
font f_information_from_bluetooth_xhdpi removed
font f_signature_xhdpi removed

Help solve this problem, please!

Thank you in advance!



Friendly Tyrant
Forum Staff
That's a weird one. Have you tested making an executable and running it to see what happens instead of running from GMS2? Have you tried any other projects other than this one? Also, try clearing the cache and running again as it may be something in the compiler cache has become stale and is corrupting the final project build.


On default settings there should be no need to touch the texture group with new projects. Did you alter that setting to "off" by hand earlier?