Alpha Erion: The Retribution - Turn based side scroller Sci-fi action RPG

Erion is a turn based, action RPG game with heavy rogue-like elements. For me the game is not even alpha seed state yet. The development complexity is high, thus the game changed a lot during the years. The game has a very slow long development time. This art is old it doesn't feature the current vision.

Erion is inspired a lot by The Binding of Isaac, Warframe, Slay The Spire, League of Legends and a lot more.

The story takes place post humanity where machines control the world as we know it. Humans have been extinct by a rogue A.I. You take control on one of the few remaining human built machines, that after centuries of being shut down is powered up by a drone.

The whole gameplay loop is simple, use abilities and attacks to kill enemies, progress, loot, repeat.
It will feature hopefully a lot of items, systems and unique features.


Turn based prototype v0.1

I can share with you a very old early prototype. You need direct play to play it, because it's build in GM 8.1.

W,A,S,D - Movement
Up,Down,Left,Right - Shooting
R - To restart the game
X - To clear a certain room (Not every enemies has hitboxes yet, you can't shoot them yet)
DEL - Its the "console", how I call it, its for testing purposes
The console has the following commands
s1 - spawn enemy 1 (works only after you enter one first room for some reason...)
h1000 - sets health to 1000
h+1 - ...
ms+1 - Sets the movement speed + 1
ms+2 - ...

The items are as follows
Green - Movement Speed
Red - Health (+1)
Blue - Pure damage increase
Cyan - Attacking delay Lower
Yellow - Projectile speed

Pink - Double shoot

I had to cut like 80% from the project to possibly finishing it in a few years. Finding a programmer on royalty is something I thought about.

So guys tell me what you think of it.
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Thank you Toque. A lot of people tell me my color palette is good. Don't want to sound pompous, a bit weird maybe, I find this color palette basic.

Things have changed in my life. I always thought about how much money I will make with such a project. Came to realize I am doing it out of pure love for video games and for the people playing them.
If the universe allows it, I will work full time on possibly one of the best sci-fi indie games made so far. The reason I made this thread was to up my trust in myself and my motivation.
Thanks a lot guys for the attention, support and kind feedback, means more then you can imagine.

Getting all melancholic here, back to business. From now this thread is the main devblog, every change I make to the project will be posted here.
Youtube, Twitter, Discord, Reddit will exist sometime in the future. I will try my best to keep at it and make it roll.

Edit: Starting from tomorrow I will post daily updates.
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Erion Devblog #1 - Reworking the logo, making the player more cool, keeping the atmosphere the same.

Old logo.

Obviously new logo. Might even change further, but not for a while. The logo is made for steam store page size.

Edit 1: I am thinking about keeping enemies with the cyan energy looking like color and making players something special. The right one is when he gets angry.

I want to make the player look more godlike, angel like.
Edit 3: Dark player with more effects.
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Thank you. I love this style of sci-fi and I love to put a twist on it. This graphics are nothing, if I can handle it and I don't overscope, I plan to have robots look like angels, items that make them look different. Well the graphics are what makes the game shine and this is just alpha state, concept state. Now I am working at a prototype, it looks like I could release multiple titles, all different, under the same name.
What I actually want is to pick one type of main mechanics and stick with it, if all the systems I want to implement come out right, I could develop the game for years to come.

The enemies look like AI from Tron and characters like Warframes. This is not good, jk lol.
Erion Devblog #2 - Time to get some features set in stone, really early prototype, things to come

I want to keep close to the seed concept. Developed a half working, turn based prototype in 12-14 hours.

So the game now is boring, I removed movement entirely from combat, it's turn based, boring stuff, I need to light it up. I have some abilities/skills/spells mechanics/systems ideas coming up.

Also I want you guys to give me feedback on this prototype, what should I do with the abilities? I mean, how to make it more interesting, and not like drawing abilities like cards. I don't want to copy Slay the Spire.

By the way, the dark player sprite is an evolution, not early game.
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Erion Devblog #3- Problems with the basic turn based systems and UI, new concepts for features

I wouldn't recommend anyone to do what I did, work 3-4 days straight like 12 hours a day on the project, then burn out 2 days. I need to make a schedule for work.
The worst part is that I encountered silly difficulties while building the basic systems, like the player/enemy turn, the UI interaction. I said silly because I wasn't even using a controller object, even if I have a controller and wondered why no object was working.
I fixed it now, I will return to work on the project, hopefully don't binge on it again.

Because I choose to remove the movement from combat entirely, make it turn based, I came up with a very interesting concept. The game does have abilities and spells you can use, the system I came up with involves creating spells, using modular lesser abilities/spells you can collect after each fight. I plan on creating elements, rather status effects element like abilities (Warframe), something so there's a label for each ability/spell.
So there will be random lesser spells you "draw" randomly, but you choose what you use in combat. I thought that this feature (create spells) will make the game more unique.
The three left sided UI abilities you see in the turn based prototype, (which will become 4) will be abilities inspired from League of Legends, for each player character.

Sneak peak into the second player character. (this is old art, no I wont show you how it looks when it's done) :bunny:

Now I am currently working on getting the basic systems in place. I will also probably post more rarely, once every 2 days or even 3.
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